Yoga unites the mind, body and spirit for greater strength, flexibility and inner peace. It is a deeply personal and transformative practice that works physically through a selection of ancient postures, and works on emotional, spiritual and physical planes. As a spiritual practitioner, I work from a place of spirit, but when attending classes, no spiritual knowledge or beliefs are necessary. Each persons journey in class is personal and unique and will be directed by the individual themselves.

Holistic Sue Yoga 


Yoga stretches, release muscular and emotional tensions, whilst increasing detoxifying processes in the body, and helping to clear energetic blockages in the meridians and chakras of the body. Without being clear and free flowing, the meridians and chakra's chi, prana and life force energy becomes sluggish, and can manifest these blockages through physical and emotional ailments. Stretches help to diminish the blocks and help the mind and body work at their optimum. Yoga also helps to reduce blood pressure, ageing and stress and strains upon the mind and body.

The Yoga discipline I specialise in is Hatha Yoga, an extremely traditional and original form of yoga, that has its roots in ancient India. i also work with a modern form of yoga, fitness yoga, which encourages physical exertion and also the breathing techniques used in traditional yoga's. However, my Yoga classes are appropriate for all levels of ability from beginners to the advanced, as many options for each posture is offered so that there is a stretch available to everyone. Like with my Pilates classes, the stretches help to correct posture and imbalances in the muscular and skeletal system. I use a spiritual approach based on my own unique and self developed style of personal spiritual practice. This is gently instilled in the classes by taking the group on their own private and personal journey within. I use the power of speech to move the group though postures, whilst thinking about their private inner world. The group are then able to identify emotional blockages and circumstances in their life that may be holding them up, or have contributed to bringing them to where they are in their life at present. I take a very healing approach through out the classes.

What are the benefits of Yoga?

For some, Yoga is a means of attaining spiritual enlightenment, whereas for others Yoga provides a necessary improvement in suppleness, relaxation or aids the alleviation of health problems and daily stresses.

Whatever your goal, Yoga can facilitate a lifelong journey of fitness and personal development. It is a very peaceful, private and personal practice for each person in class. No two journeys are the same, and deep inner healing and realisation of one self can be attained, or a pure focus on the physical. The choice of gifts received from yoga is personal and by free will and choice. Like with my Pilates classes, yoga will always work on encouraging and correcting the posture and skeletal system.

Where you can practise mixed ability Yoga - Plymouth and Saltash:

Monday's:    Life Centre, PL2 3DG. 11.35-12.35,

Wedneday's:    Stoke Damerel Church, PL1 5QL. 9.30-10.30,

Thursday's :(starting September 2019) Pure Gym, PL4 7EF, 11-12, Thursday's, Woolwell Centre, PL6 7TR 11-12, (moves to 1-2 in September). Friday's, Saltash Waterside Community Centre, PL12 6AZ, 5.45-6.45 (starting 13/9/19).

If you have any questions surrounding Yoga or would like to find out more about my classes and therapies, please email or 07805359021   

Yoga qualifications:

I specialise in Hatha and Fitness Yoga.                                                                      Level 3 Yoga Teacher Diploma, Fitness Yoga Instructor and an affiliated Qualified member of REPS (Registered Exercise Professional).