Helix Healing, Usui and Karuna Reiki are different forms of healing used to support and help reduce limiting and debilitating conditions such as stress, emotional, physical and spiritual afflictions. if somebodies life force energy becomes low and imbalanced, their emotional and physical well being can become poor. Healing helps lift life force energy so that you can live a happy healthy life. Shamanic Soul retrieval is a deep shamanic journey of healing trauma and wounds from this life and previous ones. It helps to bring back parts of yourself that may have become disconnected from you, so that you can live a more content life. Soul retrieval brings back your lost and disconnected energy which was fragmented that broke away due to panful situations.


Healing restores imbalances by rebalancing and speeding up our own healing capacity. Reiki and Helix use symbols and taps into universally available energy. This supports healing throughout the persons energy field down to soul level. Healing is fast becoming a very recognised and sought after method of self care, and a way of balancing busy stressful lives through relaxation. Healing is given fully clothed, sitting on a chair or lying on a therapy couch. It can either be touch or non touch, healing via the hands. Healing is beautiful and helps on multifaceted levels.


Usui Reiki

Usui Reiki is a popular style of Reiki healing established in 1992 by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist. Usui spent many years devising the Reiki system of natural healing and devoted his life to study and meditation in his quest for Reiki.

Universal energy is channelled through my hands to the receiver by using sacred symbols. The energy naturally flows to any areas in need of healing on any level, and helps to make a stressful life more peaceful and manageable.

Karuna Reiki

Karuna is Sanskrit for  'compassionate action', and like Usui Reiki, is used to reduce the suffering of a person through the alleviation of afflictions. Karuna has evolved from Usui Reiki, and also uses symbols to work on a spiritual and emotional level. Karuna increases our light vibrations, deepening our connection to the universe and oneness. Like Usui Reiki, universal energy is tapped into and channelled through my hands to the receiver. 

Helix Healing 

Helix enables me to connect with your personal energy levels, vibrations and soul energy. In my minds eye I work with sacred geometry, symbols and colour vortex's to tap into the persons energetic field and give healing.. During life, we can become limited in our thoughts, beliefs, values of who we are. Helix can facilitate the energy to clear blockages, and become more aligned with ones true authentic self. Helix is a beautiful therapy that is restorative and nourishing.  

 Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is a journey between practitioner and client which can seem similar to reiki. The practitioners goes into meditation whist the client lies on a reiki couch, and the practitioner journeys through the clients current life and previous ones for parts of the soul that broke away. The soul can disassociate parts of itself to escape traumatic experiences we may have experienced, so it doesn't have to feel the trauma anymore. We can spend much time in life not feeling whole, as if something isn't right and not reaching our full potential. This can be a result of trauma, where our energies left us, and where our soul is struggling because it needs to reconnect its lost parts, and bring back the part of that person that got left behind because of trauma. A very deep and liberating experience. 

All treatments are £25 for one hour sessions. 

Please contact Sue on either 07805359021 or sue@holisticsue.com